Let the 100 Days Begin!


“What could you do with 100 Days of Making?” designer, painter, and general all-around creative Elle Luna asked a year ago.

I heard the call and decided. I would write 100 poems from the point of view of Domnica, the heroine of my middle-grade historical novel. The poems didn’t have to rhyme, or even be any good. They just had to be written. If I managed four lines even, I’d be a success. But I had to do it 100 Days in a row.

Most 100 Day Project participants create visual projects, and Elle Luna encourages posting on Instagram. To keep myself honest, I joined Instagram and posted deliberately blurred bits of my writing. The idea for now was to create, not to publish.

Reader, I met my goal. Most days I followed through just before turning in at night. But I wrote my poems. Many were plebeian. But some surprised me with insights into the mind or world of my character, and a few wrung my heart. Because of the gems, and because I stuck with the project, I considered myself a huge success.

The 100 Day Project has rolled around again, and I want to dive into a bigger goal: Continue becoming a writer. So, for 100 Days, I eagerly commit 1) to working for at least half an hour on one or more of the following:

Reading poetry or classics of English or Romanian-language literature
Reading books on writing
Developing the business of writing
Connecting with other writers
Sharing thoughts and developments via this blog

…As well as 2) to WRITING for at least half an hour on one of my two main writing projects, my middle-grade historical novel and a non-fiction work for adults.

So here’s to 100 Days pushing through with my Writerly Becoming. Come along. What project of your own might you advance, with tiny, but faithful, steps, for 100 Days?